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Vidya Bharti Shaikshanik Mandal Amravati's


Karanja Lad, Dist-Washim (M.S.)

(Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University.)

(Reaccredited by NAAC Grade 'A' with CGPA 3.24)

Department Mathematics

Mathematics is a subject to be taught with due regards to its history and originally with emphasize to its applications. The faculty of the department of Mathematics takes every care to affirm that the students of Mathematics develop the ability to use its language and its techniques with ease and understanding. In fact, in teaching Mathematics, intuitive reasoning is used and stressed. Students are guided to develop rigorous thinking that is to think with honesty and clarity. Problem solving sessions are conducted in order to ensure that students develop skills and strengthen understanding.

Besides being useful & powerful, Mathematics is a very beautiful subject. Earnest efforts are made to present the subject matter so as not only to stimulate interest in the students but also to provide with an insight into the complexities of its great intrinsic beauty.

Comprehensive steps & multidimensional programs implemented by the department of Mathematics started giving remarkable & rewarding results.