General Discipline & Rules Of Conduct For Students
         1.   Students or their parents should not publish the information of college          
                       magnagement with prior permission of the principal If found guilt ,then
                       the action is taken against that student and he/she will Dismissed from 
                       the college .   

                 2.  According to Maharashtra Prohibitation of Ragging Act No 33,15 th
                      May 1999 "RAGGING" is strictly prohib ited."ragging" means display
                      of disorderly conduct, doing of any act Which causes or is, likely
                      to cause physical or physiological harm or raise apprehension or
                      fear or shame or embarrassment to a students in any educational
                      institution and includes i) Teasing, abusing, treateing, or do any 
                      act or perform something which such students will not, in the 
                      ordenary course willingly,do.
                Prohibition of ragging:- Ragging within or outside of any educational institution
                                                           is prohibited.

                Penalty for ragging:-      Whoever directly or indirectly commits, 
                                                          participates in, abets or propagates ragging within 
                                                          within or outside any educational institution shall 
                                                          on convicatio,be punished with in imprisonment 
                                                          for a term which may extend to two years and shall
                                                          also be liable to a fine which may extend to ten
                                                          thouasand rupees.

                 3. Dismissal of students:- Any student convicted of an offence under
                     section 4 shall be dismissed from  the educationalinstitution and students                     
                     shall not be admitted in any other educational institution forj a period of five 
                     years from the date of order of such dismissal.
                 4.  Supension of students :- If the student is found guilty in such case he/she
                      shall be suspended from institution for the period as desired by principal.  
                 5.  Student should make careful for the use of college books, room furniture,
                      fans, laboratory equipment and the college property in general, the cost
                      of damage done to it would be coverable from student either individually
                      or collectively as the case may be.

                 6. Student who cancels admission at any time for any reason  shall have
to pay tuition fees & other fees for the complete session.
7. Student shall have to obey all the instruction of the Principal. They will
be dirctly answerable to him for their behavior in general, both inside
and outside the college. The Students Violation found violating the
rules of the college administration or behaving in an in disciplined
manner will be liable for cancellation of admission
8. Students all have to carry their identy Card for all times with them.
9. Smoking, Gutka chewing are Strictly prohibited Offenders shall be liable
to Face legal action.
10. Student are prohibited from forming associations/organisation and from
holding fuctions in the college without the prior permission of the principal.
11. Student are prohibited from organising, welcome, Fare-well and other such
function, outside college premises.Viollation shall attract sever disciplinary
12. The principal's decision in all matters of admission, administrations enforcement
of dicipline & general rules and other important instruction mentioned in this
prospectus shall be Final & binding to all.
13. No certificate of any kind will be issude unless full session fees are paid. Any
amount paid by the student at the time of admission & later will not be refunded.